Thursday, 8 November 2012

New LOTR Mithril Release: Haradrim Bellydancer entertaining Far-Harad trader

Bounded by Mordor to the north and the Mumakan lands to the south lie the deserts of the Haradwaith. Huge in area the lands of Harad are, for the most part, burning wastes. The Haradrim live on its fringes – on the coastal line in the west and in the mountainous regions of Far Harad in the south.

The peoples of the coastal region are great traders and cities such as Umbar act as trading hubs for merchants and travellers.

The traders of Harad ply their goods across the great deserts to Khand and to the east of the Ered Harmal, and find relief from the dust and heat in the several oases which are dotted throughout the burning wastes. Some of these oases have settlements which offer refreshment and entertainment to the weary traveller.
This vignette shows such a scene.

The trader, having watered and fed his camel train is resting, drinking wine and watching a dancing girl.
These miniatures are sold unprimed. They are 32mm scale metal figures.

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