Friday, 5 February 2016

Up to 33% off all Warzone Mutant Chronicles Wargaming Miniatures until Feb 9th 2016.

Buy More, Save More: Warzone Sale with up to 33% off.
Prince August has a fantastic collection of Warzone games, miniatures and accessories, possibly the best on the internet. Now for the first February weekend, they have set up a tiered discount on all their Warzone merchandise. This discount is applied in four tiers, based on quantity of items purchased, not order total.

So literally the more Warzone products you buy, the more you end up saving.
The starting quantity is at least five products, and the starting discount for that amount is 10%, however the discounts leap up all the way to 33% quite quickly.

If you have not played Warzone before, then this is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of a classic tabletop game that is easy to learn and has high quality metal figures galore to choose from.

To learn more about this short but excellent sale go to the Warzone page here.
Sale ends at noon on Feb 9th 2016.

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