Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July 2014 LOTR Releases: Black Troll-man of Harad and Female Sylvan Elf metal miniatures.

Mithril Miniatures releases two brand new Lord of the Rings 32mm scale miniatures in July 2014. These were June and August 2013's winning ideas suggested by Fellowship members. The first one is the Black Troll-man of Harad, a hybrid creature that is far more intelligent than true Trolls and far stronger and tougher than regular humans. These are front line troops that serve to batter their way through a defensive line.
Far-Harad are allies to Mordor so Sauron can use them in his attacks against Gondor.

The 2nd release depicts a female Sylvan Elf from Mirkwood. She is a herbalist and carries a small knife to further her profession. There was a special bonus for the winner this month (August 2013), and that was to have her face sculpted as part of her chosen Lord of the Rings race. 
Her name is Magali Caspary (forum member: luthien4tinuvielle).

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