Thursday, 17 April 2014

April's Seven Years' War Moulds Update 

Last month Prince August launched the first three moulds for our new Seven years war range using a revolutionary  new casting system. Completely different from anything produced before these moulds use a modular system with separate bodies, heads and accessories, which enable you to produce many more troop types and variants with many fewer moulds.

As an example, from our first three moulds which represent Prussian infantry you can make units of Grenadiers, musketeers and fusiliers all complete with their respective complements of NCO’s officers and drummers. Each mould contains information about the different troops and clear line-drawings which show you  how to assemble them and what troop types you will need for each unit. Also our new system of attaching heads to bodies gives you almost invisible joints and by using our new Super-gel the end result is almost as strong as a one-piece casting.

Working closely with wargamers and experts on the period we  aim to  expand the range to cover all major armies and troop types of the period.
Our next release will comprise  two  moulds : the first together with the components from the first three moulds will allow you to make Austrian fusilier regiments, again with all their officers, NCO’s and drummers, in both advancing and “March attack” poses. The second mould, again with components from the first three Prussian moulds will allow you to make the Prussian guard regiment, and all the previous Prussian  units in the “March attack" pose.

This will be followed by three moulds of the “Hungarian” troops of the Austrian empire, which will allow you to make Hungarian fusiliers and Grenadiers, and also Austrian grenadier units. All moulds contains full instructions on how to create all the different troop types.

Future releases include:

PA3104 Prussian guards regt , March attack pose and fusilier drummer

PA3105 Austrian (German) fusiliers, advancing and March attck

PA3106  Hungarian infantry: officer and standard-bearer

PA3107  Hungarian drummer and NCO

PA3108  Hungarian inf advancing and march attack

PA3109  Russian infantry  in Summer uniform

PA3110 Russian infantry drummer and NCO

PA3111 Russian infantry – Observation corps, winter uniforms and guards regt.

Moulds 3112 to 3118, will cover cavalry ( cuirassiers and dragoons ) for the Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies, together with artillery.


SteveM said...

If you want to learn more about this range of moulds have a look at my blog:

On there you can see more photos of not just the finished figures, but also some of the figures still in development.


Rahway said...

Thank you for the update. This is going to be a very comprehensive range when it is completed.

Can we assume that there will be some "doubling-up" in the cavalry. For example using the same mold for Austrian and Prussian Dragoons and the same mold for Austrian and Russian Cuirassiers?

Will there be new Prussian Cuirassier or will the ones in the Rossback range be considered as filling that need?

Will there be Russian Horse Grenadiers?

Do you have plans for adding mounted general officers? The current semi-round ranges are a bit limited in that area.

PrinceAugust said...

Thank you for your enquiry. With regard to your question about the cavalry , there will be completely new moulds for cuirassiers, dragoons and any other types that we might make in the future. Where there is the possibility (as with the infantry) of using the same figure for different armies, with the addition of, say, a sabretache or head then we will do so, so as to keep down the number of moulds that you have to buy. As for the Russian horse grenadiers there is no immediate plan, but if the range proves popular then we will continue to add new items. We are considering releasing some ready casted pieces such as mounted officers, for those figures which would not be required in large numbers. Steve Metheringham is co-designing the range with our own designer and he will be able to provide you with detailed information that you need about the development of the range.

SteveM said...

It will be possible to make the Russian (and Austrian) horse grenadiers.
The cavalry will have separate heads, so the basic dragoons will be able to take a grenadier head, either from the infantry, or if there is space these will be included in the cavalry moulds.