Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Mithril Miniatures in April 2014: Haradan Musician & Earendur, Last King of Arnor.

Mithril Miniatures has released two new 32mm scale metal miniatures (actually three as MS596 has two figures) in April 2014. These are due to ship on Monday April 7th.
There has been a gap of about 6 months since Mithril released the last MS figure. This delay was down to technical issues with the new master figures that had to be resolved before moving forward with the releases.
The first figure(s) was the November 2012 winning idea, 'Haradan Musician', inspired by an earlier release that included a Haradrim Bellydancer MS540.
The 2nd release was March 2013 winning idea from the Fellowship club and represents Earendur, last king of Arnor.
Both of these releases will be primed and will need a small amount of assembly.

Haradan Musician Mithril Miniatures MS596

Earandur, last king of Arnor Mithril Miniature

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