Friday, 14 November 2014

New Hungarian moulds support Austria in the Seven Years War

On November 14th 2014 Prince August has extended the current range of their Seven Years War moulds. These three Hungarian moulds can cast fusilier and grenadier infantry, NCO, Drummer, Standard Bearer and Officer.

Seven Years War Hungarian moulds

As with the last two releases, these include interchangeable heads so you can be more flexible with a smaller amount of moulds than ever before.
These Hungarians fought in the Austrian army but have their own colour scheme and uniform. There are assembly instructions and a painting guide included with the moulds, but also made available as pdfs on the product pages if needed. There is also a pdf of flags available for printing.
Prices are the same as last time at 12.15 Euro (Ex. V.A.T) per mould.

It is important to remember that each mould can cast hundreds of times and each mould has two figures in it so you can, with care, get about 1000 cast soldiers from a single mould. All you need to do is keep melting metal.

Here is some historical information from Prince August about the Hungarians in the Austrian army:

The Holy Roman (Austrian) emperor was also the king of Hungary and the Austrian army comprised 10 Hungarian regiments as well as the 39 Imperial or German regiments. The Hungarian  regiments incorporated some elements of their national dress in their uniforms, notably their distinctive trousers.
Each regiment comprised 16 fusilier and 2 Grenadier units. The grenadier companies would, in the field, be detached from their parent regiment and merged with grenadier companies from other regiments to form a grenadier corps.

All 10 Hungarian regiments wore  a white coat (the traditional colour of the Holy Roman empire) and the distinctive Hungarian trousers. The hair of the rank and file was tied into side-plaits and only the officers had the side curls in the style of the German infantry. Standards were carried by officers.

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