Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tragedy Strikes at the heart of new Battle of Waterloo Exhibit.

Prince August today has found out that the shipment of the new Battle of Waterloo diorama has gone missing. It was shipped via container as it is a massive 8 meters by 4 meters diorama containing 15,000 hand painted and hand cast miniatures.

We know that it left Cologne intact but when it was being transferred to a container in Rotterdam, something went wrong. The container was found empty when port officials checked them before transport today and the entire diorama, dismantled into 42 packages 1 meter square have gone missing.

Prince August is in contact with André Rudolph, its creator over an eight year period. He is shocked and dismayed at the news but hopes that the police will find some leads.
We are still not sure what the motive is for this giant theft but people should watch out for any offers of large quantities of 25mm Napoleonic metal miniatures on Ebay or Amazon over the next few days.
If you have any questions about this tragic tale please contact Michael at Prince August today.
Update April 2nd: This was a hoax.

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Man with a beard said...

Police are on the look out for a short man wearing boots and a funny-shaped hat, with one hand tucked inside his coat.