Thursday, 2 April 2015

30% off chess set moulds until April 3rd

Prince August has slashed its prices on all its chess moulds, excluding the newest release, the Medieval chess, and the spare pawn moulds until noon on Friday April 3rd 2015 (BST).

There is nothing quite as satisfying as playing a game of chess that you made yourself. It adds extra zing to the whole experience. Prince August has a wide array of themes to choose from as well so you will never be bored by being forced to cast the same thing over and over. 

One of the most popular chess sets are the Staunton chess set, which has no historical theme, but is favoured by chess players who simply want a classic looking set, without the distractions of themes. It is also the cheapest chess set to make as it only requires one side instead of two and needs a LOT less metal to cast due to the thinner pieces.

The 2nd most popular set is our Crusades chess set, which includes Richard the Lionheart vs Saladin. These are knights and castle pieces that fit the chess theme seamlessly. The popularity of this set inspired us to make another medieval themed set. It was actually an accident that the new Medieval set, based on the Battle of Agincourt, would be released on the 600th anniversary of that historical event. It must be fate.

Casting a chess set may seem daunting but it actually is incredibly easy. Once you have warmed up your moulds you can cast a chess piece in 5 minutes. It will not be long before you have the entire set cast and primed awaiting the decision on how to paint them. Many sets have painting guides but, as with many open ended creative hobbies, you can do a bit of historical research yourself and paint the figures to your hearts content.
Here is a sample of what one customer, John Lubinski, did when he let his creative juices flow. This chess set is the Field of Cloth of Gold, Henry VIII and Francis I.

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