Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Helm's Deep III | The fire of Orthanc - five new 32mm scale metal figures

Helm's Deep 3 - the fire of Orthanc

The walls of Helm's Deep had stood the test of time and the heat of battle, at least until the wicked inventiveness of Saruman was pitted against it. Orcs sacrifice themselves to blow open a pathway to the inner keep, allowing them to storm the once impregnable fortress that protects the most vulnerable of Rohan's population.

This new release from Mithril Miniatures will have five new figures and they will be numbered M541 to M545. They were designed using the traditional method of clay sculpting. They will be primed 32mm scale metal miniatures.

Currently they are pending approval by Middle-earth Enterprises.

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Man with a beard said...

Great to see that this long-rumoured group of figures will finally be seeing the light of day. It even encourages us to hope that other figures known – or at least suspected – to be collecting dust in the darker corners of the Mithril archive may also one day materialise.