Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Mithril Lord of the Rings releases | Rumil and Female Orc Archer metal miniatures.

Mithril Miniatures broke with their tradition a little today with their latest two releases of 32mm scale Lord of the Rings metal miniatures. These two great ideas were not winning ideas but were inspired by comments made during the voting process. Chris Tubb decided to make them and so left a space in the numbering of releases to allow them to have a place later on when he had time to sculpt them.

Rumil, brother of Haldir, was a guardian of the forest around Lothlorien and silently protected Galadriel's realm from all dangers during the war of the Ring. An Elven archer can kill you before you even know you are in danger. This figure was numbered Ms594.

Chris Tubb explains his reasons behind this unique sculpt of a Female Orc archer (Ms595):
The second piece was inspired by Luthien4tinuvielle’s entry Ishi-ul the female Orc shaman, which was the winner in February 2014. Her comment “not a single female Orc in the whole Mithril range” set me to thinking what else could be made to redress this lack. I have a penchant for bowmen (as you can see from Rumil above) so I decided on a female Orc archer. So now we have two female Orcs in the range!

Mithril has a bulk discount available for a limited time on both new releases.

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