Thursday, 11 November 2010

November release of 10 more Warzone Mutant Chronicles miniatures

Prince August has been working on many new releases as Christmas approaches like a out of control locomotive, and one of these are available today. 10 MORE warzone mutant chronicles 28mm scale metal miniatures that enhance the battle grounds of the Warzone game collectors everywhere.

Many are specialists that enhance and add sparkle to a squad, like a sniper or medic but one of the rarest figures in the Warzone universe is finally available. It has never been available on before so its sure to get players excited. The Gray Ghost (or is it Grey Ghost?). This loner goes behind enemy lines to make their lives hell, and does it exceedingly well with Infiltrate and Camouflage as just two of her skillsets.

This is the last Warzone releases in 2010. If you missed out on any of these in blister format, you can at least get them in plastic bags now. However, as always, these are limited in quantity. So they can sell out at ANY time. If thats not a reason to do your Christmas shopping early I don't know what is.

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