Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mithril Fellowship Sale: 25% off until April 29th.

The Mithril Fellowship Club gives collectors of LOTR miniatures a unique opportunity to submit their own ideas for future releases and vote on the monthly ideas. The winning ideas are then made.
Now Mithril has cut the entry price to only 9.99 Euro (was 20.90 Euro) and you will gain full benefits, including a free miniature (Aragorn and the Palantir) and 5 Magazines about Mithril.

The sale includes most of the MS and Christmas figures, including the one shown in the picture below, Tom the Troll, one of the famous trio that were featured in The Hobbit book, that captured Bilbo and the Dwarves before being tricked by Gandalf.

If you are not already a member then you should seriously consider joining today as this is opportunity only comes once or twice a year at most. Other club members will welcome your ideas and sketchs for future projects. If you are up to the challenge of finding characters that we have not already produced then join today and your ideas can become reality.

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