Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'An Unexpected Party' Vignette Mithril Miniatures release

An Unexpected Party from Mithril Miniatures.
This March Mithril has finally released the largest release in many years, An Unexpected Party, which contains 15 separate miniatures including Gandalf and Bilbo.
This 32mm scale miniature set is unassembled and unpainted and comes in a big blue box.
An Unexpected Party shows the scene where Gandalf and all 13 Dwarves turn up in the Shire and drop in to Bilbo. Gandalf wants to recruit him and with all the fine stories told by the Dwarves, Bilbo commits in the heat of the moment on a journey that will change his life forever.
Only 100 of these sets are available however so order early to acquire this masterpiece.
The painted example was painted by Joe Fahey.

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