Thursday, 29 January 2015

Upcoming release of a new Medieval Chess Set in February 2015.

New Medieval Chess Set

This year is the 600th anniversary of the famous Battle of Agincourt (1415). This epic battle was between France and England and showcased a huge number of longbowmen on the English side which played an important part in their resulting victory.
This chess set is in 54mm scale and will be available as moulds in February. More information will be available next week. This chess set was designed by Chris Tubb.
These are previews of the English side of this new Medieval Chess set.

Medieval Chess Set - English King

Medieval Chess Set - English Queen

Medieval Chess Set - English Bishop

Medieval Chess Set - English Knight

Medieval Chess Set - English Pawn

Medieval Chess Set - English Rook


arthur1815 said...

A nice idea, but how can Catherine of Valois be the Queen when Henry only married her after defeating the French at Agincourt?

I think the designers of such chess sets get too hung up on the supposed gender implied by the term 'Queen'and should, instead, give that piece to the most powerful mobile unit on the battlefield. The most risible example of this ia the Franklin Mont Waterloo set, that has Kitty Pakenham squaring up to the Empress Marie Louise...

PrinceAugust said...

I realize that Henry only married her afterwards, but for the purpose of a queen, that is the only candidate for England that fits.
I appreciate your comment on not getting too hung up on the gender issue, but since the set is already made, I cannot change that. Who else would fit for queen?

JDA said...

Looks great, I love all Prince August chess sets and have no problem selling them. I keep being asked if I have any roman chess sets. I think a roman chess set would be great addition.