Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Christmas Ornaments Moulds include Santa, Christmas Trees, Stockings with toys and Angels with Stars.

Prince August released a rather unusual set of moulds a few years ago, which departed from their usual military line of toy soldiers that they are famous for. These were flat christmas decoration moulds. The first ones had angels, bells, candles, reindeer and robin redbreasts that could be cast and hung on your Christmas tree or used for other similar decorational purposes like on Christmas cards.
This September Prince August has expanded on this line, due to its popularity, especially with girls who enjoy the casting process but are not interested in toy soldiers. The two new moulds have two different decorations per mould. PA1904 has Santa Claus and a Christmas Stocking filled with candy and toys and PA1905 has an Angel holding a star and a stylised Christmas tree with presents at it's base. Both moulds are easy to use with Prince August's flagship Model Metal and Prince August has added photos of how to vent these moulds if you wish to cast with Pewter (5 star metal) or the cheaper Standard Casting Metal. Venting is very easy, just warm the mould, and cut small channels with a sharp scalpel or knife to allow any trapped air to escape. The photos show in red lines the places to cut.

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