Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Warzone Miniatures released in August.

Prince August has a treat in store for our Warzone Mutant Chronicles wargamers. 4 factions in this brutal universe have gained new allies, and we have a small amount of weapon packs for making your battlefield more authentic.

  • Brotherhood Assassin,
  • Brotherhood Inquisitor Majoris,
  • Brotherhood Trooper with Heavy Weapon,
  • Brotherhood Pilgrim Executioner,
  • Bauhaus Max Steiner,
  • Venusian Ranger Kapitan,
  • Weapons Packs (multi faction use),
  • Dark Legion Zenithian Slaughtermaster,
  • Necromutant with Tormentor,
  • Tribes of Earth 'Sons of Rasputin' Jaegar Commando Soldat

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